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Market Development

Traditional Research Services

  • Trend and data analysis
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • International counsel
  • Implementation assistance
  • Distribution strategy
  • National account strategies
  • Trade show assistance
  • Due diligence

Q: Do you have a new product or product line you would like to market? You are probably in one of three places:

  • You don’t know where to begin.
  • You know where to begin, but don’t have the time to figure it all out because you are busy getting the product right (among other things).
  • You have begun but there are market segments you would like to go after and are not sure if you have the right resources and / or approach.

Customized Research Services

Market Coaching — unfamiliar markets or market segments can be intimidating.

You know you have a great product but you do not have a clear understanding of the market you need to enter.

You know that if you could get in front of the right people you could make the sale.

SMA can coach you in the dynamics of the market, connect you with appropriate resources, and in many cases help to identify potential customers.

Just-in-Time Research — a tried and true process of making research part of your new product process. Small targeted research activities are conducted at each stage of product development and rollout. The benefits of this process are

  • Information is gathered in an “as needed” fashion as questions come up about different product attributes, packaging, usability, and pricing
  • End result is more informed as intermediate research steps may uncover issues which could not have been identified in a preliminary study
  • Entire process is more cost effective because you are getting just what you need when you need it

Research Assessment — a service to make sure you know what you already have before you move forward.

Q: Did you inherit a bunch of studies and reams of data?

Q: Have you read (or maybe skimmed) the Executive Summaries?

Q: Do you feel guilty about not reading all of it, not knowing what you have, not putting it to good use?

Q: Do you have a sense that maybe you need to do some new research, but are not sure what would be most actionable?


  • Go beyond the executive summary and look at what information was gathered
  • Look at when and how the research was done
  • Describe the sample and methodologies used to gather the data
  • Direct you to potentially actionable data
  • Summarize each study as well as the entire group
  • Assist in planning future research


  • Pass judgment on the research or the researchers
  • Use this service as a promotional vehicle for our own research services